Dr Doktor

Time to fight some viruses! Get ready for awesome journey! ...more

Stack Buster (Bubble Dash)

In Stack Buster you must select a color group of squares on a grid and click to destroy them. The more you destroy with a single click, the higher your score will be. Clear the screen to get Perfect result and to Level up. Have Fun! ...more

Santa Run

Run Santa ruuuun! Santa is addicted to carrots and he could not resist and stole Snowman’s nose and now he has to run for his live. ...more

Micro Racing

Ready? GO! Race against the clock, flashing light fuel and only one maneuver available - are challenges to be resolved by Micro Racing driver! Get as many laps as you can, collect coins and invest in equipment. ...more

Falling Angels of Death

Angels are falling... Last chance to save the world!...more

Gravity Maze

New and exiting physics based puzzle game where you take control of the gravity. ...more

Space Panic

Oldschool arcade shooter theme with awesome physics makes Space Panic fresh and experience. Shoot and see how they fall, destroy one ship and start a cascade of falling wrecks which will boost your combo and points. ...more

Gravity Cave

Gravity Cave is very simple but interesting approach to physic based puzzle games. You control Fluf, a friendly alien who want to find his way home. Change gravity of the world and help him to escape. ...more